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Why is everyone so nervous?!

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  • Why is everyone so nervous?!

    I mean everyone is worried about Ocho or Brady
    Somehow being more modivated because of the honestly
    Very little talking out of giants camp..... Please! It's the freakin
    Super bowl how much more modivation do u need
    Ohhhhhh bellicheck has Two weeks to prepare oooooo......

    It comes down to the same things every game comes down to!
    That's win the battle in the trenches and hope we are the team that makes the little things happen.... The feild position game, the time of possession game ..... The turnover Game it has nothing to do with this media BS that these two weeks bring......Nothing!!

    I mean come on its a game we are the better team
    We should win! That being said if we don't win it stinks
    But it's still nothing to be nervous about
    Do you guys live life this scared? I mean if you fall
    Wipe yourself off and move on to the next one
    whats there to worry about if it don't kill u it makes u stronger!

    Me I'm excited not Nervous or scared even if Brady leads his team to victory over us which is defiantly possible I will still be proud of the team to be where they are at... I mean afte week 15 to be here is great !

    That being said again we are the better team in more phases of the game therefor we should win and honestly I'm gonna enjoy the feeling of being the better team in most opions and o paper ....because how many times over the last 10 yrs could you say we were the better team most of the time I'm saying " ok we have more talent but we play down" or well we gotta pull the upset!

    The giants will win and we will be at a parade on tues. and I'm proud of players think and believe that and I'm glad they say it out loud
    31-20 Giants!!!

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    Re: Why is everyone so nervous?!

    I call BS

    If you ain't nervous about playin the Pats than check your pulse cuz you might be dead..



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      Re: Why is everyone so nervous?!

      More excited than nervous because now is the G-Mens time to silence the media love affair with the Pat's To be the team that beats the unbeatable pats TWICE in the SB on our way to 4 SB wins will be sweet