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Notes from Week 9 via NFL replay

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  • Notes from Week 9 via NFL replay

    After watching the game against the Pats there were several points I did notice.
    1) The Giants were far more physical than NE
    2) There seems to be some bad blood between some of the NE OL and NYG front four.
    3) The Giants came very close to blowing out the Pats at home, if not for the A Ross muffed punt and Eli interception-M Clayton foot out of bound in endzone the game might have been a 3 score affair midway through 3rd quarter
    4) Giants pass rush clearly got to Brady, he was ducking and pulling the ball down when he saw shadows.
    5) NE did have an oddly effective pass rush, this could be some of the result of an OL that was effective but not all on the same page.
    6) NE passes underneath, expect a very steady diet of 7-9 yard throws.
    7) Gronk pushed off Boley for the score, in fact more offensive pushing off than any team other than the 49ers. No team believes in shoving the defender more than 49ers.
    8 JPP was almost always lined up at DT not DE, this could really be interesting as the players are the same but the alignment is not (Osi on left side too).