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  • Civility - v2.0

    Hello fellow Giants fans,

    It seems that, in recent weeks, we have encountered a whole lot of bickering and personal attacks being thrown around in a lot of threads. I'd like to once again touch on this issue, and give a bit of clarification as to what we're trying to accomplish here on the boards in order to make them much more fun and enjoyable for everyone.

    First and foremost, its a football forum. It's intended to discuss football X's and O's, as the forum descriptions states very clearly. I think it's safe to say that we all love this team, and we all want to discuss and debate all things Giants when we're here. We're all on the same side, and we all want the team to win at all costs, right?

    Its exactly why the almost constant flare ups and personal attacks are so baffling. We can't have it happening, folks, because its not only counter-productive, but it also ruins the perception that others have of the boards. I've heard from a lot of posters over the past several years who have stated, quite clearly, that they dont post here as often, or at all, because there is too much back and forth arguing between posters. Name calling, insults, questioning the fanhood of others, and generally acting childish are major parts of the issues that plague this place. As a result, multiple warnings, and even a handful of temporary bans, have been handed out in the last few weeks.

    Going forward, it's got to stop. We will be enforcing this policy very strongly, first with a warning, and then, if the situation calls for it or its from a repeat offender, a temporary, or even a permanent, ban from the boards. There is absolutely no reason why we cant engage each other in a wholly civil and constructive manner without the need for name calling and insults, or to purposely make comments designed to start an argument. It has to stop, and it's going to stop, and for the betterment of the boards. Again, we all root for the same team, so it's shouldn't be terribly difficult to hold back when you see something that you disagree with. Make your football point, defend that point, but do so in a civil manner. If you cant reach an agreement with the other person, agree to disagree and walk away. If the other person refuses to give up and tries to instigate trouble, simply report the post(s) to us and let us handle the situation.

    All we're asking you all to do is to think before you post, because posting the wrong thing will have consequences. I promise you that with more civility on these forums, the better the forums will be for everyone. That is, and always has been, the ultimate goal.

    Thanks for your time and understanding

    Mod team
    The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd - Bertrand Russell