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I think the stakes are much higher this game

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  • I think the stakes are much higher this game

    in 2007, the Patriots were built as an all time team. going into the game, it was entirely possible for the giants to lose, or even get blown out. because a loss was likely, losing wouldn't feel as bad, because it was expected. the mindset was if they win, great, but if they lose it wouldn't hurt as bad, unless they gave away the game somehow.

    now, the Giants have everything to gain. with a win, they join the 4 super bowl club. they put the final beatdown on belicheat and brady, and makes the NYG their daddy. i puts TC in HOF discussion. it puts Ei in HOF and NYG Greatest contention. and the worst part is, everyone knows they SHOULD win.

    because they SHOULD win, because of the stakes, because of the pats still being a dangerous team, a loss would be absolutely devastating, a total disappointment and waste of one of the better teams in giant history. worse than flipper anderson and trey junkin, because this team actually got to where it is now.

    i'm not afraid that the giants are going to lose. i'm only afraid of what will happen if they DO lose. play this damn game already.....

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    Re: I think the stakes are much higher this game

    Its only one game! Both these teams are good, peaking at the proper time, mostly healthy( thanx Pollard!) and match ups should make an interesting game. So, hey it would be great for us to win, to beat them 3 times in one year( dont forget the preseason!) and stop the PAY BACK verbage. However, if the b oys break down or come out slow and give up 21 quickly, well you get the picture, right.

    I have faith, they're the NY Football Giants!!!! Not the Seacaucus Swans! Go Giants!