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    Originally posted by Giant303 View Post
    is Hank worth the money though? I thought he'd have a great year next to Harrison, but he only managed 3 sacks playing next to the best dt in football. time to move on.
    Harrison was not on the field for passing downs and there was no one to really threaten from the middle. I also think this D took a little time to figure things out. I would expect more from him this year, hopefully 6-7 sacks.
    LT (132.5) -> Strahan (141.5) -> Osi (65) -> Tuck (60.5) -> JPP (50) -> ???
    "Next man up"

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      Originally posted by KillaRich View Post
      I understand everybody's love for a 3 tech .... but maybe the giants value the thought of 2 run stuffing 1 techs ....and I don't blame obviously worked last season .... nobody ran on us
      COMPLETELY neutralized the weapon that was the Dallas Oline.


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        Originally posted by BleedingBlue123 View Post
        Tend to agree with you. While we'd all love a great inside 3T pass rusher in this division (right now) we have to worry about controlling/beating E-Elliot and the boys. On top of that I fully expect the Eagles could go RB in round 1 this year.

        We need to control the run game as well as get to the QB.

        The idea of Z-Cunningham is growing on me.

        Re-sign Hank on solid team deal - keep d-line as is with guys like Kennard/Diggy assisting with QB pressure. A kid like Cunningham - in combo with a L-Collins gives us 2 guys close to the line of scrimmage that read quickly and can make plays (defend run/pass) while also being pass-rush (blitz) options.

        Plus with solid DL and very solid secondary -- would be nice to add a play making LB with great instincts...movement.
        I agree. I LB like Cunningham or maybe even Red**** would really put this defense over the top. The giants could PUNT every time and they would still be able to win games. So many Play makers on the defense that is how you win a superbowl!!!!!


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          Originally posted by gmen46 View Post
          One could say that was Fairley obvious
          [img] [/img]

          That was amazing..... I should just retire from the message boards after that one
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