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    they also play a league high 4 teams right after their bye weeks...teams getting something like 22 more days of rest than the giants. it is what it is.


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      Well being that we made the playoffs after a big layoff of many years of not making the playoffs we had to know we weren't getting any favors from the NFL with our schedule. my biggest complaint is three years in a row opening up In Dallas? I actually am really excited for a turkey day game!


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        It's a division game in the road. Those are always the toughest matchups.


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          Originally posted by elitocruz View Post
          If what we're seeing is true, I despise the road Thanksgiving game WITHIN THE DIVISION. I despise it for any team, not just us. Being at home on that day, is a MASSIVE advantage for the home team. Even if the Skins turn out to be bad, and/or decimated with injuries, and we turn out to be great and healthy, it's a horrible spot to be in especially if the stakes are high.

          How is being at home on Thanksgiving any more of an advantage than being home on another Thursday?
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