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  • DEJA BLUE 2012?

    I usually just read these forums and i have been for years. i even made a name in 07 to finally speak of how exciting it was we beat a 18-0 team. The chances of any other team matching that victory are worse then me winning the lotto tomorrow.

    anyway i didnt remember my name so i just made a new one to jump on here and vent a bit and soak in this moment with fellow giants fans. Tomorrow means the world to me and i really want to win not only as being a giants fan but we all know Eli will always belittled as people like to call our magical 07 run a fluke. Eli deserves respect and tomorrow he has a shot at getting it.

    IF we do lose though i will still be proud of my boys. Yeah its not like ill smile if we lose but after going from 9-7 beating the jets (thankyou giants for that so much all these jets fans crawling out of no where was killing me) sweeping the cowboys and beating 3 good teams to end up in the superbowl is AMAZING! i am more nervous about tomorrow i think.. something isnt sitting right with me maybe its everyone picking us?

    If we do win i just dont know how i will be able to contain myself. Its like to win another SB title in only 4 years is one thing to beat Brady and BIll yet again is on another freaking level.

    we are the better team obviously imo. Are we really sitting here on the verge of doing this again? This is literally insane. i pray we pull this off and i just am dying to see the lombardi held up* again by our team.

    i know my post was a bunch of rambling and i apologize for that im just pumped. im also on my phone right now. I hope everyone enjoys the game with their friends and family and even more i hope you enjoy the ENDING of the game even more.


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    Re: DEJA BLUE 2012?

    Amen! It will be epic. Can't freaking wait!