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Football Outsiders: Giants will only win eight games

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    Giants will win 8 games..... in the first half of the season.


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      only 8 wins by thanksgiving maybe


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        Originally posted by Sarcasman View Post
        No, I just don't have much interest in comparing players because it has very little meaning in an interdependent team sport.

        Particularly in a team sport that some consider the most complex major spectator sport to understand beyond the level of following the ball. Because some consider it the most difficult to take in with a single viewing of each play because of how much length and width of field to take in and how much pre-snap and post-snap there is. With so many possible variations hinging on the interdependency of the performance of 11 different players on the field, I have very little interest in the validity of the idea that individual statistics can be extracted into a meaningful analysis.

        My opinion is that while baseball may lend itself to this type of analysis elegantly, it is just not true of all sports.
        Great post. Yeah, in a game like baseball, a batter steps into the box and there's practically zero interdependency from his teammates, in most cases.

        Unless you have Rickey Henderson on your team, that is.


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          If your making a football prediction, why not make one in say late August, right before the season? There are injuries that can happen. June 1st cuts. Maybe a free agent signed...