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The most "physical" football player on the New York Giants

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  • Just reading through the last few comments and it just amazes me I gonna sit here and claim I don't wonder wtf when a poster behaves oddly like infatuation with Jerry? Of course I have thebsame reacti9n as everyone pretty much does.

    Here's the thing: the very posters remarking the most about troll behavior and how those elements need removing...let me phrase it like this: 1 makes thread after thread about Jerry being awesome and a poster legitimately calls someone a narc with zero reason puts in their sig no one likes a narc and LEGITIMATELY not hyperbole has hundreds if not thousands of posts directly insulting people. Like personally.

    Edit- for me a troll is someone who goes out of their way to follow an individual around and insult them stemming from a difference of opinion. Not 1 who has an opini9n that isn't shared. If you go around looking for comments to highlight to "prove to everyone " how so and so is really this or that, that is troll behavior. Just my 2 cents

    Who is the troll? Who is the ACTUAL troll? For me my personal 2 cents not aimed at anyone: if much rather see the elements who use this place to try and attain the superiority that escapes them in reality removed than someone who has conviction in their seldom agreed opinion.
    For me it's easy to ignore a post going on and on about jerry. Start calling people ****ing narcs and LEGITIMATELY making post after post commenting about the individual personally? Much harder to ignore. Speak only for my experience no one else and I don't mean any disrespect merely adding my pov bc reading through some of the recent comments, just felt it was totally ironic the people who probably enact more like a troll than any other (s) lobbying for mods to remove trolls...just ironic.
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    • And with that, we have beaten this horse to death.
      “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1