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Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul not satisfied after finally cashing in

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  • Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul not satisfied after finally cashing in

    Excerpt: "Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul finally cashed in this offseason, signing a four-year, $62 million contract to remain with the franchise that picked him in the first round of the 2010 draft.

    The payday was a long time coming, delayed by the fireworks accident on July 4, 2015, that mangled his right hand. Rather than the monster contract that would have come in the summer of 2015, Pierre-Paul signed an incentive-laden one-year contract worth $8.7 million after the accident. He then re-signed another one-year contract worth $10 million last offseason.

    After Pierre-Paul returned to form last season, the Giants paid up with a contract that has the 28-year-old set for life. But don't expect the contract to change Pierre-Paul.

    "I don't look at my new contract as pressure to perform," Pierre-Paul said. "It was an opportunity given to me and I'm going to play it out and get another one." Read more...
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    He better not be. He needs to claw himself up for 12 sacks next year or some big time game changing moments at least. Seems to have done it in the past so I think he is game.


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      Long Live the King


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        The title of the article is misleading.
        I what perceived was; he is going to prove over the next 4 seasons that he deserves an extension or an additional contract. Not that he was dissatisfied more like driven to achieve. That is what we should want as fans.
        There's two times of year for me: Football season, and waiting for football season.


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          He had no reason to be satisfied, what with only playing 2/3 of a season and padding his stats against the 2 worst teams on the schedule...... while the game stats the first 8 weeks prior to Cleveland and Chicago, showed him having little to no impact in those games.
          62 mil and all that guaranteed loot, you better believe the Giants brass expects more than QB "hurries".....against every opponent on the schedule, not just the bottom feeders!
          "I'M ALL FOR IT!"

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