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Jonathan Casillas' Giants outlook: 'It's all set up for us' in 2017

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  • Jonathan Casillas' Giants outlook: 'It's all set up for us' in 2017

    Excerpt: "The goal of Jonathan Casillas' annual 'Forward Progress' camp is for kids in his hometown to keep moving forward and growing in all areas of their lives.

    The linebacker believes the Giants are in position to do the same this fall after experiencing a taste of success with last year's wild card playoff berth.

    "It's all forward this year. It's all set up for us," Casillas told NJ Advance Media on Saturday during his fourth camp at New Brunswick Middle School. "I think (general manager) Jerry Reese did a good job in free agency, and also the draft. And now, shoot, it's all up to us now."

    Casillas had a career year in 2016 as the Giants' defense emerged as one of the NFL's best and helped power the team's 11-5 finish. He played all 16 games for the first time, and started a career-high 15. He was voted a team captain last year, solidifying his spot as one of the most-respected veterans in the Giants' locker room.

    Casillas is eager to begin his ninth year in the league - a significant milestone for a one-time undrafted free agent - when training camp begins in July.

    "They've been calling me 'old head' for a few years now. I've come to ease with the term," Casillas said with a smile. "I'm trying to keep these young guys off me a little bit, but it's a young man's league. I just try to stay fit, healthy and fast.

    "People respect the years. You can't just get by eight years on a fluke. You're not going to be able to do that. People do appreciate that, and allow me to speak. They listen a little bit, too. And the rings help a little bit." Read more...
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