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  • Karm***

    I have to start this by saying the fact that I think like this is completely my girl friends fault.

    The universe returns what you give.

    The Giants have been confident and have envisioned what they wanted to see to win--positive comes back.
    Cruz pictures the match up with edlemen, and how he will beat him, and it will happen.
    The D-line says they will get to Brady, and it will happen.
    The website gaffe? Not from my perspective--you envision yourself as a winner, you become a winner.
    Just watched 42 last night. "The final score will be 17-14." I kept telling them, 'Repeat
    it,' "
    Strahan said. "I was walking up the sidelines saying, 'You say
    it. Repeat it. You have to believe it.' "

    I believe.
    I see Eli lighting up the Pats
    I see the o-line opening up gaping holes for BJ and Bradshaw.
    I see the D getting after Brady and making him jump.
    I see sacks.
    I see our defenders blocking passes
    I see an INT by Chase

    See it, and it will happen

    Now cutting a player a day before the SB...

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    Re: Karm***

    Go Giants all in!!!