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Keys to the game in my eyes

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  • Keys to the game in my eyes


    Nicks health need all guns firing in this one!

    Manningham needs to get his head on straight and make the clutch catches against Edelman. NO BIG DROPS

    O-line needs to step it up in the run game

    Run game needs to be going especially Jacobs needs to step up big time.


    Limit Welker

    Get to Brady but be smart about it. I think Fewell will not blitz as much as expected but with JPP and Osi dad's being in attendance for the first time i expect lights out play from the both of them.

    And if Canty backs up his mouth it would be huge cause if we could get pressure on Brady up the middle and from both sides just rushing 4 or 5 that would be huge (collapse the pocket )

    aggressive secondary play jam jam jam disrupt the timing of this offense.