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No one can take this away from us!!!!

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  • No one can take this away from us!!!!

    not the hating a** b**tches at espn, not all the haters around the country, not ANYONE!!! we are the WORLD CHAMPIONS!! we are the BEST team in the league right now. hands down. no question about it.

    i am usually one to temper my expectations, but tonight, there's nothing to temper, there are no more games left. we won the LAST GAME OF THE SEASON!!! there's nothing left to do but enjoy this win. it still seems surreal.

    i'd like to thank ernie accorsi for sticking to eli so hard. he was ABSOLUTELY the best qb in that draft and EA knew it. can't say enough about that.

    i can't believe my favorite team won the Superbowl!! this is so damn amazing! i'm so used to everyone underrating and hating on us ... tonight, they have no choice but to RESPECT!!

    love this team. love all the loyal fans that have been on these boards from day 1 .

    see yall at the parade!!!