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    I posted this on a Patriot friends wall a few days ago. I meant to share this earlier, but in the madness of GLORIOUS SUPERBOWL PREPARATIONS, I was incapable of sharing in time for the game. Here it is:

    "Be careful.. The Giants will me Manning up so they can Cruz past the pats, leaving a few Nicks and bruises on the competition. The pats better tighten their game up with a Phillips before they get busted by my boys Boley, Umenyiora, and JPP, and they better Tuck that ball in when running before they deliver the ball as if the Giants were a Prince. Lastly.. Don't make too big of a Diehl when your team doesn't get the win.. This coming up game wasn't Grant-ed to them."

    It wasn't the best thing ever, but it was straight off the cuff. He still hasn't responded to texts, calls, or anything tonight. Hopefully he can cry himself to sleep in his little corner