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    I have to take my hat off to Tom Coughlin. I'll be the first to admit that I have expressed my doubts and displeasure with Coughlin in the past. However, in the end there is no arguing with 2 Super Bowl Championships.

    I think the most telling part has been how much support he has received from his players, especially when things were looking grim this season. I think that speaks volumes. When people were down on Coughlin, the players spoke up in his defense. They shouldered the blame, and said they didn't execute his plan properly. You don't see a lot of that around the league. It usually doesn't take too many losses for players to start blaming everyone else, especially the coaches. But you never saw that with this team, and I think that unity and belief in each other is a major reason why we are celebrating a championship tonight.

    So thank you Coach and enjoy a much deserved and well earned championship.

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    Re: Coach Coughlin

    Good post. I was one of the fans that stood by coach every step of the way. He has been a pro from day one, and deserves all the accolades that are coming.