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Defense? yeah right!!!

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  • Defense? yeah right!!!

    Ok folks, this is an easy one---What do the Giants defense and swiss cheese have in common? Yes, thats right, plenty of holes! LOL!!!

    In all seriousness, the offense kept the Giants in the game. The running game was not real good, but a little better with Jacobs and Bradshaw. Eli sacked only 1 time. Nicks, Jacobs and Ballard played good, and we had a Travis Beckum sighting!

    But I think that most realistic fans can see that Fewell needs to go and that some changes need to be made on defense next year. What was once a strong suit for the Giants, is now a disgrace to the great Giants D's of yester year!

    If not for a Cowboys choke job today, the Giants could have pretty much prepared for the offseason sooner rather than later.