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Congrats to all Giants and fans

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  • Congrats to all Giants and fans

    I still remember the day we signed Tom Coughlin.. I was so happy because I was ashamed and tired of the team we had become..

    I remember not being a huge Eli manning fan at the draft.

    I remember him winning me over in the comeback win vs the Denver Broncos throwing a game winning td to Toomer in the closing seconds..

    I remember since then becoming one of his biggest supporters yelling off the mountain top when this team won the SB in 07.

    I remember how quickly all that support and love disappeared once we got bounced in the playoffs in 08 and then missed the playoffs 2 straight years after.

    We really need to relish these times. We have a legit Elite qb, now the conversation will be is he Hall of Fame worthy.. My obvious answer after beating brady and Bill twice in the SB yes. Obviously he may still need some work over the remaining years of his career to sway others.

    Now as I look back.. the players we had grown to love and eventually watched them leave some gracefully some not so much...

    Toomer, Strahan, TIki, Shockey, Plaxico, at the time when we thought there was no way those players leaving we would be a better team because of it..
    Some like TIki, Shockey, and plaxico.. we absolutely became a much better team when they left.

    I didnt have much faith for us to win a SB this year at the beginning of the season. then gained some confidence as we ripped off big win after big win in the early part of our schedule... I remember thinking wow we might make the playoffs if we could just win a game here and there with the remaining part and hardest part of our schedule. ... THen we won the division. I was content just doing that. knowing we made the playoffs at least. I never expected yet another magical run .. and certainly never imagined it would end with a SB 42 rematch vs the Pats.

    Now here we are...

    relish it guys and gals.... we may never see this run again in our lifetime. Ernie Accorsi really set us up for a great ride..