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    Couple baseless impressions I had about the Super Bowl game.

    1) I really hate Brady. Entire Giants and Patriots team comes out of the tunnel wearing their helmets. Not Brady, hes so narcissistic he wants everyone to see his baby locks. Makes me want to punch him in the face.

    2) When Brady came out of being sacked that one play where it looked exactly like super bowl 42 miracle catch to tyree. I can see the thoughts going through his head, he wanted to be like Manning which is why he lobbed it up to Gronk. I know Gronk waved his hand that he was open but it was a bad decision because he was throwing across the field (he was running right and he through left) which is bad. They say the best compliment u can give someone is to emulate them. Well Brady showed us the quarterback he most admired right there by trying to be like Manning.

    3) I am in Norway and watched the International version which had Joe Theisman doing color. Joe Theisman REFUSED to say ANYTHING good about Eli Manning. He focused completely on the negative. Throws to Nicks where Nicks caught the ball he would comment always how the pass was "off" and if he could of put it in a better spot etc.. According to Theisman, Brady is "surgical" in his precision and in complete control. He made me absolutely furious. I officially hate him.

    4) Brady's throw to Welker didn't lead him at all and wasn't a precision throw by any means. Welker should have caught it of course, but if they got a field goal it would have been 20-12 and the Giants fate certainly would NOT have been sealed as all the pundits try and make us believe (and there was like 5 mins left). The throw turned welker completely around and he would have been laying on the floor after catching it not running after it.

    5) There were at least 2 pass-interference calls that should have been made and the early "player down" call on the Pat in the first(or second i forgot) quarter where the Giants recovered the fumble. So when pundits or Pats fans complain dropped balls and unrecovered fumbles were the reason they lost, well we could have blew them out if our receivers caught a couple balls and we got a couple calls.

    Just my opinion.