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family of 4 group hug

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  • family of 4 group hug

    From Omaha

    Daughter 17, son 12, wife and I had our own Giants family superbowl party. Awesome family fun. But the last 57 seconds, we are all laying on the floor in front of TV, on the last play, we all get up and scream and hug.

    THANKS GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: family of 4 group hug

    now thats a family anyone would be proud to be part of.

    Q does Omaha have running water. lol
    Bill Loyal to the NYG logo


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      Re: family of 4 group hug

      The last few minutes of the game were killing me. My 12 year old son couldn't watch some of it and was pacing back and forth. My wife was no better. When the final play ended I picked my son up and gave him the biggest hug in a long time, maybe ever. It was a great feeling that I will never forget. I wish my girls could have been with us but they are away at school. We kept in touch texting and they were exeperiencing the same tension and then elation. What a game!!!