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FLASHBACK: "Grant prefers 'Redeem Team' over Philly's dream"

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  • FLASHBACK: "Grant prefers 'Redeem Team' over Philly's dream"

    Deon Grant spent two weeks at home watching the changing NFL landscape and eyeing the “Dream Team” being assembled in Philadelphia. He hinted he might have even had a chance to join it.

    But he said he wanted no part of that.

    “Those guys beat us two times (last year),” the veteran safety said today. “They took two games from us. So I don’t want to go and join forces with them, I’d rather go out and compete against them again and try to get those two victories they took from us last year.”

    Now he’ll have that chance because the 32-year-old veteran safety officially re-signed with the Giants today. He said that he always knew he’d be back with the Giants and that he turned down other opportunities with other teams.

    He was willing to wait the Giants out because he still had a bitter taste in his mouth from the way last season ended – a taste that grew stronger as the Eagles got most of the offseason hype.

    “I felt like we started something here last year and we didn’t finish it,” Grant said. “When I have something like that in my hands, I like to finish and I think this year we can finish. And then with all the things going on in Philly right now, that’s the type of team that I love to face. I’m a competitive guy so with them making all the additions they made I wanted to be on the other side of the ball to go against that.”

    Grant scoffed at the notion that the Eagles, with all their offseason signings, have assembled a “Dream Team”. He said “I thought ‘Dream Team’ was played when it’s all-star time. That’s Pro Bowl guys. I ain’t never seen a ‘Dream Team’ during the regular season, so I don’t pay any attention to all that talk.”

    He also insisted he didn’t mind being on an underdog, because as the Miami Heat proved in the NBA playoffs last year, the overwhelming favorites don’t always win.

    “Dallas was the underdog (in the NBA Finals), so that’s a good thing,” Grant said. “We can’t worry about what’s going on in Philly, New England, the Jets, nowhere else. We’ve just got to make sure we take care of New York Giants football. We’ll win games by doing that.”
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    Re: FLASHBACK: "Grant prefers 'Redeem Team' over Philly's dream"

    Great career Grant had and i'm happy that he could win a Ring with us .

    He is getting old though so I wouldn't be surprised if he wants to retire a winner
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      Re: FLASHBACK: "Grant prefers 'Redeem Team' over Philly's dream"

      And he was richly rewarded.

      He was playing real bad early in the season. But he really did put it together towards the end. Kudos.

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        Re: FLASHBACK: "Grant prefers 'Redeem Team' over Philly's dream"

        He must love that decision even more today.