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MMQB : Eli Manning has taught us to never underestimate his talents again

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  • MMQB : Eli Manning has taught us to never underestimate his talents again

    Better late then never I guess lol

    INDIANAPOLIS -- I still can't get over that throw from Eli Manning to Mario Manningham. As much as I respect the catch (it will be the greatest of Manningham's career, no matter how long he plays), I am in awe of the throw. How did Manning make that throw? Why make that throw? Why did he pick the target of the guy with a corner in coverage and a safety flying over to crush Manningham? The 38-yard throw -- which began an 88-yard, Super Bowl-winning touchdown drive that Bill Belichick will see in his nightmares -- is just one more reason to never, ever question how good Eli Manning is. He will have some crappy games the rest of his career, because two or three times a year he stinks. But I ask you: What quarterback alive do you want with the ball in his hands in the last two minutes of a big game?

    Thought so. Eli Manning.
    "That guy stole my MVP again,'' Justin Tuck (two sacks, three quarterback pressures) said. Kidding. Kidding!
    So many thoughts, many about Manning, in the hours after the Giants' 21-17 Super Bowl win over the Patriots. Let's categorize them:
    What makes Eli Eli
    I've noticed this about the guy. Football's his job, and he likes it a lot. But let's say God tapped him on the shoulder tomorrow and said, "I've got different plans for you. You're going to be an architect.'' Manning would handle that pretty well. He is a sick competitor, but he'd figure a way to satisfy that part of his life. Golf with the other architects, Friday night poker, trying to be a better architect than anyone else out there.
    "He just doesn't care,'' Giants defensive lineman Justin Tuck said by his locker 90 minutes after the Super Bowl. "He doesn't. If we lose the game today, life goes on. He's fine. He'll just start getting ready for next year. That's who he is.''
    What I saw during Super Bowl week
    As the pool reporter covering three full Giants practices during the week, I saw one series of plays that really interested me Thursday. In practice, most teams have first units playing against second-unit scout teams, with players on the scout teams simulating the opposition. But Giants coach Tom Coughlin likes to do a real two-minute drill, with first-team offense against first-team defense. And it's a big deal around the team. When the period for the two-minute drill came up Thursday, the defense got very excited. "UNLEASH THE HOUNDS!'' defensive tackle Chris Canty said, jogging on the field. "UNLEASH THE HOUNDS!'' And his mates got fired up too, even though in football practices, hitting the quarterback is verboten.
    Then Eli Manning took the offense 75 yards in six plays, with no emotion whatsoever.
    "Now, understand that this deal is set up for the offense to win,'' Tuck said. "Coach Coughlin places a lot of emphasis on the offense doing well. He knows we can't touch Eli. But watching him in that drill every week is why he's so good in the last couple of minutes of games. He gets that against us.''
    "The week we were playing the Jets,'' backup quarterback David Carr told me after the game, "Eli threw an interceptions on the first play of that drill. The defense got really excited. They went out and played great against the Jets that week, and we won. The joke in our quarterback meeting room was, 'You gave the defense life.' ''
    Now he's given them a second ring.
    Eli in the clutch
    Last three Patriots-Giants games with 60 seconds left
    The game Score after 59 minutes Final Score Time of winning NY TD
    Super Bowl XLVI, Feb. 5, 2012 NE, 17-15 NY, 21-17 :57
    Nov. 6, 2011 NE, 20-17 NY, 24-20 :15
    Super Bowl XLII, Feb. 3, 2008 NE, 14-10 NY, 17-14 :35
    Manning drove the Giants 83 yards for the winning touchdown in XLVI, 80 yards for the winning touchdown this year in the regular season, and 88 yards Sunday for the winning touchdown.
    In three straight games against the best coach of this era and against an all-time quarterback, Manning has taken the ball with less than four minutes to play, trailing every time. And won every time.

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    Re: MMQB : Eli Manning has taught us to never underestimate his talents again (better lat ethan never)

    He has become the 4th qtr. king.


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      Re: MMQB : Eli Manning has taught us to never underestimate his talents again (better lat ethan never)

      [quote user="nygsb42champs"]He has become the 4th qtr. king.[/quote]And 2 time Superbowl Champ and Superbowl MVP.


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        Re: MMQB : Eli Manning has taught us to never underestimate his talents again (better lat ethan never)


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