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If not for us, could you imagine!!!!!!

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  • If not for us, could you imagine!!!!!!

    If it was not for the NY football Giants, history would be soooo different today. Imagine how annoying it would be.

    Brady and Bill would have 5 SB Championships in 11 years.

    Brady would likely have 4 Super Bowl MVP's.

    They also would have gone undefeated in 07 at 19-0 and be known as best team of all time.

    Brady would also have a 35 game home win streak.

    The Pats would have a 25 game home win streak.

    They would have gone down as the greatest team ever in any era. They would have been the ultimate dynasty.

    Instead, we are sneaking into possibly becoming all of that ourselves. First two Eli/Tom SB's could not have been written any better.

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    Re: If not for us, could you imagine!!!!!!

    Wow never looked at it like that. That is incredible!

    Have to give credit to the Patriots. They have been a very successful franchise. The spygate incident get's blown out way out of proportion.