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  • Crushed.

    Hey everyone, first of all I would like to congradulate all my fellow fanatics on the Giants winning a 4th super bowl. I was more then estatic and now relishing in victory.

    However, at the same time, I am absoulutly crushed.

    You see, I didnt make the parade in 2008, I was in middle school and had something important to do. Ever since then i have been rueing the fact that I missed that once in a life time oppertunity. I always said that the next giants super bowl victory I will be at the parade and capture this rare moment.

    Unfortuantly, I will not be at the parade tommorow, and my heart is broken. My mom is working and my dad is out of work with a broken knee, he just so happens to be a NYPD police officer, he cannot leave the house and deffinatly cannot be seen in the city. Any other family friends have denied my desperate request to take me.

    Im absoulutly crushed. Being a 15 year old who is obsessed with the giants, I am more then happy with this win, but cant help to be devistated not being aple to attend what I have been anticipating for years. This once in a life time oppertunity came around once, i missed it, it came a second time and it was just out of reach. Damn.

    So, you see, I needed somewhere to let these emotions out. I know there are much more important things to life, but I simply cannot help it. Everyone please have fun at the parade and rally. I will be sitting in school.

    All I ask is make that smile a little wider for Giantsfan148. This may sound rediculuss, but this means a whole lot to me, and not being able to go is very upsetting. Thanks for listening to my little cry for attention. I just needed to let it out because I am just really dissapointed.

    Love the giants, lost my mind last night going nuts, couldnt be happier about the outcome of this season, but I really cant help how upset I am.

    * please ignore the typos. I have a lot on my mind with school work and everything. I really needed tommorow off.

    Thanks and have fun!

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    Re: Crushed.

    OUR TEAM JUST WON THE SUPERBOWL - try to take that in and appreciate it - you're 15 and you've seen two - thats more then most get in a lifetime. I'm 33 and have seen all 4 and made one parade - and while its fun - there is nothing like having watched the game itself. You saw the best thing - just live it up and enjoy - you dont need a parade for that. Stay happy and positive - don't chose sadness in a time like this. REJOICE WE ARE THE SUPERBOWL CHAMPS.


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      Re: Crushed.

      I didn't go either to that SB parade bro, and this might be my last one. I'm 21 years old, almost a full time job coming.... I'll never have this opportunity again.

      Your 15 and witnessed 2 SBs already, you'll see one again, don't worry!