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Emotions setting in-Reflections of A 30+ year Giants fan and Prior Season Ticket Holder

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  • Emotions setting in-Reflections of A 30+ year Giants fan and Prior Season Ticket Holder

    The euphoria of the win is bringing out some incredible emotional realizations for me. I was witness to the Parcells era and while these two eras are totally different in every way, we have seen identical, for the most part, results. 8-3 postseasons, 2 Trophies in a 5 year span. You all can find the thread where I did the comparison between Tom and Bill and see the simlarities which are startling but it is not about that it is about what a Giants fan can feel after witnessing both eras.

    When they hired Tom I just asked for a repeat of the Parcells era and I'd be quite content to feel closure to the Parcellsera which has haunted me for far too long. To watch the Parcells teams do what they did andto see similar happen again I just cannot put it into words. I never thought it possible. There have been some good years sprinkled in but 2 Super Bowl wins under Tomin the same manner the Parcells teams did it well that's darn special.

    Imagine what Giants fans of 50+ years like my dad have felt! My grandpa and my uncle (dad's side) are smiling down right now with Wellington Mara andRobert Tisch right next to them, I know it. My family shared season tickets since Giants stadium openedwhile my uncle was still with us. We split them with other folks and when my uncle got sick we just couldn't work out a scenario where we could continue to share them. Thenew stadium comes along and PSL's and my uncle passes on and nothing could be done to retain the tickets. It is a whole complex situation that I won't get into here but all I know isthis Super Bowl means so much to me and my family who poured every ounce oftheir finances, their blood, their sweat and their tears into this team for 50+ years. It means so much to me and them and I cannot possibly express my gratitude to this organization enoughwho just keeps feeding us incredible memories time and again. I literally can't put all the emotions I have into the proper context for anyone to fully understand.

    So I'll just say my thank you to the 4 time Super Bowl champion and 8 time NFL champion NY Giants!

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    Re: Emotions setting in-Reflections of A 30+ year Giants fan and Prior Season Ticket Holder

    I'm in a similar boat as you are. I was 20 when they win SB25 and witnessed the Parcells era. I was witness to the awful pre Simms years and remember Parcells leaving us after 1990. I was so mad at him waiting so long and he retired just when Bill Belicheck left. Hoss left and in came Ray Handley. Then Dave Brown, Danny Kanell, Kent Graham and the likes were some lean lean years.

    I'm so thrilled to bear witness to 4 super bowls in my lifetime. I was content in 2007 and didn't expect another title so soon. I'm still in shock.



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      Re: Emotions setting in-Reflections of A 30+ year Giants fan and Prior Season Ticket Holder

      the Defense of Parcells' tenure was just a devastatingly violent one.

      the only reason why I might even look at the current Niners D and feel a twinge of jealousy.

      But with the Coughlin Defense, I think we are seeing the makings of a D that plays disciplined.
      A Defense that is not so much destructive as much as it is disruptive.

      If Mr reese could start adding pieces that compliment the front 4 disruption with violence, I think we can really return to a dominating form.

      I want violent LBs to compliment the disruptive DLine.

      I think we have damn good Corners, with a TT returning to the line-up next year.

      I believe in our Safeties, especially when they are healthy.

      We are fortunate. I was not cognizant of the Giantsin the 70s or early 80s, I was too young. Mid-80s, up and to my "1st" Super Bowl all I can say is from that era, from the universal fear and respect our Giants created: I felt as if everyone was afraid of NY.

      Afraid of my hometown, my city. And I loved it. And thus my marriage to the NY Giants began.

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