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The Giants need to get better for next year.

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  • The Giants need to get better for next year.

    Teams will be looking to take out the champions. You see a lot of teams have great years and with an off season the rest of the NFL plans on how to stop them.

    They where a great passing team this year. Teams, especially in their division, will be looking to shut down Eli and his WR's. Manningham might be gone and the TE's are up in the air now with the injuries in the Super Bowl.

    It would be great if the could rebuild the OL and get back to having a dominant run game to throw off all the teams trying to shut their passing game down and let Eli go to work. Basically change what they where this year. Become a more complete offense and throw teams off.

    On defense, I think their in good shape but have some questions to answer. If they trade Osi do they move Kiwi back to DE and draft a LB or keep him at LB and draft another DE? I like the DT's a lot. Canty was solid and Joseph had a great second season. Can't wait to see what Austin can bring to the field with his strength and speed. I really think Prince is going to be very good and Webster is solid. Who else do they have though? Do they keep Ross, TT, or both?

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    Re: The Giants need to get better for next year.

    Ol needs reworking but our core is there. We get some back from IR too. Draft. Reese has been wonderful