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    We all know what the constants of the Giants were this year,
    Eli, the coach, the D-line, the team getting healthier late in the year and even getting some lucky bounces along the way but there were a few
    other items that may have been just as important....... First if the Giants
    had come to terms with Plexico Burris would Victor Cruz ever had saw the
    light of day? Secondly, Chase Blackburn is laying on his couch in Dec
    before the first Packer game and gets a call on that Wed and plays that
    Sunday & gets an interception and from there gets better after he
    gets his football legs to where he is the Giants 2nd leading tackler in
    the playoffs with an int in the SB. Thirdly, Justin Tuck who was so far
    down from nagging injuries and was invisible and was considering going
    on the IR gets a talk from the coach before the Packer game & from
    there is a force the rest of the season. A final one was the signing of
    the punter from the Jets. He was a good through the regular season but
    was even better in the playoffs and saved his best for the
    SB..........The biggest plays of the year that saved the Giants season.
    The first Cowboy game had two, Romo missing a wide open Austin in the
    4th quarter & JPP's FG block. Next is the 99yrd Cruz TD in the Jets
    game which turned that whole game around.......I may missed
    some other items that helped this team make the improbable run to the SB
    but without the ones above they are a 8 & 8 or 7 & 9 team and the writers are
    talking about changing coaches & how the QB is mediocre. Funny how
    some of little thing end up being important.......

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    Re: Post SB Thoughts

    finish,all in,love one another and in the air tonight!


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      Re: Post SB Thoughts


      Its always better to climb the mountain than sit atop it

      I'm not much for rear view mirroring

      I want to see a Giants team that dominates the NFL for 5 yrs plus now


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        Re: Post SB Thoughts

        keep this NYG team intact...if it ain't broke, don't fix it.....