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My Thoughts on the Game and the Rest of the Season

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  • My Thoughts on the Game and the Rest of the Season

    Where has Travis Beckum been, and where did he go after that catch? The guy looks elusive as hell, I hope he can make a few more plays for us down the road.

    Our defence was gassed by the end of the game, I knew that when the Packers got the ball back they would score. I don't know why we didn't run the ball at least one time when down at the goal line. Our running game was awesome today and we didn't use it when it would have been most useful to us. That falls big time on coaching, I don't know if Coughlin chimes in on play calling in a situation like that but that was a big gaffe.

    Our offensive line was great, I think it needs to stay the way it was today. I actually don't understand why we didn't run the ball more today, it was working well, it would have kept Rodgers off the field, and just as importantly given our D more time to rest, which seems to be a huge problem, they are always gassed during the most important part of the game, the 4th quarter.

    For the season, I am really optimistic, we can beat the Redskins and Dallas at least once if not twice, and I don't see a reason why we could not beat the Jets. The Cowboys have to play the Eagles who want nothing more than to spoil their season, and they lost to Arizona today. I think we win the division because we will win the next four games in a row.

    The thing that most disappointed me about the game today is for the first time I felt the officials were not arbitrators, I felt like they were influicing the game. The last series of the game the ref was excited to call a first down for GB. That TD Driver bobbled and Prince knocked out was not a complete pass. The PI on Prince was not there, and that penalty on Williams when we sacked Rodgers was questionable at best. Meanwhile every game including this one I watch JPP get held nearly every play and nothing is ever called. It is frustrating as hell and I really feel like the league wants their little Cinderella story. I don't blame the loss on the refs, but I do criticize what seems to be their obvious favoritism toward the Packers.

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    Re: My Thoughts on the Game and the Rest of the Season

    Right about the refs. People should start believing that they frequently DETERMINE the team that wins the game! Instead many will say "Well, you just have to play through those bad calls and overcome them anyway". That's just really hard to do, especially when it seems like every big call goes against you during the game.