We would just like to remind everyone of a few things asour season officially starts this evening, and it is likely going to be quite crazy around here all day

We will pin a Play by Play game thread in the GameDay section. Please do your best and try to use it for all in-game discussion tonight.

If you want to do a bit of trash talking, please keep it relegated to the Rival Central forum. We should be expecting some visiting Dallas fans today, and more than likely, there will be some barbs flying back and forth. Please do not let things get out of hand, as we truly do not like banning people, but it will happen if things go too far. Watch the language, folks, and use common sense when posting. That goes for everyone, regardless of team affiliation.

TAGF is for GIANTS discussion. There are a lot of NFL games being played today. If you want to discuss them, please keep those discussions in General Sports. Anything non-Giants related will be deleted and a warning given to the poster responsible.

Thanks for listening