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"Who wants Eli now!!?? haha"

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  • "Who wants Eli now!!?? haha"

    "Who wants Eli now!!??, haha"

    Those were the words spat out on radio by the Patiots broadcasters as soon as Terrific Tom hit Aaron Hernandez for the second TD to give the Patriots a 17-9 lead in the 3rd quarter. It was said with wicked pure hate as only Bostonians can do. Maybe he should of done his homework. If he did, he would realize we have one of the best ever clutch 4th quarter QBs in NFL history.

    Maybe if he could remove himself from the hatred oozing out of his body and pure disgust he had to watch our Giants get the trophy in SB42 and destroy his perfect Pats season, he would realize his big mistake. A little while after he made those comments, someone must of told Eli, because Easy Ewent into that zone. Eli went back onto the field with one thing on his mind, to get his hands on that trophy and bring it back home.

    The favored Pats were once again dismantled by the Giants defense led by Tuckand offense led by Eli Manning. The Eli that, according to one broadcaster, no one wants, well not over pretty Brady anyway.

    Guess what...

    In SB42, Eli showed what he could do down 4 in the final minute. And that was lead his team to a championship. Well, after Easy E led another game changing drive to give the GMen the lead in SB 46 in the final minutes, Terrific Tom got his shot at revevnge and chance to prove he is in Eli's class. 57 seconds and a timeout left down 4. Eli would love that opportunity again and probably could score 2 TDs in that time. What did the All Pro, World Beater, Future HOF, Super duper Terrific Tom do with his chance?

    He lost.

    So who wants Eli now?

    New York Giants organization and the Giantsfans do.

    You Boston guys enjoy your Tom Brady and his beautiful hair. And enjoy that Gisele that comes with it.

    ALL IN


    Eli 2-0 vs Tom and the Patriots in the Superbowl.

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    Re: "Who wants Eli now!!?? haha"

    LMAO HAHAHA did the Pats broadcaster really say that on air?!?!?

    LOL...epic fail...


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      Re: "Who wants Eli now!!?? haha"

      The world,warrior,champion,class the man!!


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        Re: "Who wants Eli now!!?? haha"

        [quote user="GiantWarfare"]LMAO HAHAHA did the Pats broadcaster really say that on air?!?!? LOL...epic fail...[/quote]

        Yeah, heard it on the radio today. They were airing the highlights.