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This super bowl can be defined by two plays.

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  • This super bowl can be defined by two plays.

    The Wes Welker drop near the end and the Manningham catch on the Giants' last drive.

    The Wes Welker drop was just poor execution. It was equally Brady's fault and Welker's fault. It's a throw that Brady makes 99% of the time and a catch Welker makes 99% of the time.

    Now compare that to the Manningham catch. It's a play that required perfect execution from both Eli and Manningham. Eli needed to hit a spot between the sideline and two defenders. He did. Manningham needed to make a perfect catch while dragging his feet in bounds. He did.

    These two plays show that when both teams needed a play, the Giants came through while the Patriots didn't. That pretty much defines this super bowl.

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    Re: This super bowl can be defined by two plays.

    I thought the Superbowl was defined by the Boothe holding call. I truly believe the Giants were on there way to score and lead 16-3. At that point, it would have been open season on Brady.

    Manningham also had a drop that no one talks about. If he did not drop that one....more points to Giants.

    Everyone talks about the Welker play but, Giants had FAR MORE near misses to score.