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    With Mario a free agent and both Ballard and Beckum tearing their ACL's, Reese has some work to do. The good news about Mario is that this years free agency is actually pretty loaded with WRs. This may help us quite a bit in being able to get him back at a more reasonable price than other years. If not perhaps it gives us a chance to grab someone else who may slip through the cracks.

    Tight end is more challenging and pressing in my opinion. Ballard and Beckum likely wont be back to strength at the start of the season. Free agency is very slim pickings.

    Finley - 99% chance he goes back to Packers
    Fred Davis - Drug/Motivation issues
    John Carlson - Has showed flashes but missed all of 2011 season
    Shiancoe - will be 32 this year...don't see much promise over Papa Bear
    Scott Chandler - might be the most intriguing option but with the slim options in FA he will likely get a contract similar to boss got at 4 yrs 16 mil.

    Who do you think are realistic options to bring in ... not a fantasy list but real options. Also please do not say Shockey haha.

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    Re: Wide Receivers/Tight End

    We maybe ok at WR without adding anyone threw FA. Nick and Cruz as are starters is pretty good. Thin but good. TE is a major problem for next year. Beckum a bum and Ballard a slow version of Boss. None of the FA are very exciting with the exception of maybe Carlson. Finley and Davis will resign i assume. I would not be shocked if we drafted a TE this year pretty high.