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Expectations for young players next year?

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  • Expectations for young players next year?

    Now that we have the offseason with FA signings and drafts to look forward to, I want to bring something else up. We have a bunch of talented, young men on this team that will have to possibly step up to the occasion next year and replace some veterans. It's a simple question, what are some of your expectations?

    Scott - See more snaps during a game, around 5-8. Going back to a trio system like we had in 08 would be nice. Yes, I know we have Danny Ware but does anyone else really like what he offers on the field?

    Petrus - Earn a permanent starting job as the LG.

    Brewer - Take over the starting RT spot from Kareem.

    Jernigan - If we can't resign MM, he needs to step up and become our #3. Otherwise, see some snaps and make contributions when he can.

    Hynoski - He's played very well this season and the only thing I can ask of him is to show more consistency.

    Joseph - Same as Hynoski. He's been a force in the middle in some games but kind of out of the picture in others. Nonetheless, I like this kid.

    Jacquain - Work on getting the mental part down some more. He's a phenomenal athlete and has potential to be a great Giants LB when we look back at his career.

    Jones - Challenge Goff for the MLB position next year.

    Prince - Earn a starting job across from Webster. Without the injury bothering him, I have high expectations.

    Tyler Sash - Uhm, just keep developing and make ST contributions. If Deon Grant retires, then he will probably step in. Otherwise, I don't see him grabbing a starting spot.

    In no way am I complaining about anyone's current play but simply stating what I think these young kids can possibly accomplish for the 2012 season.

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    Re: Expectations for young players next year?

    Scott - I can see him getting more snaps like you said. He needs work because I can imagine how furious Tom and co. were with his ball-handling abilities. He needs to work on that, maybe Bradshaw can help him out a bit in that area. Once he gets that, I hope to see him more, he's very fast and if he can find some holes, I feel bad for our opponents' defenses.

    Petrus - Agree with you there, earned a permanent starting job at the LG. He's been very impressive this season.

    Agree with Brewer

    Jernigan - I believe he's back OBVIOUSLY, and he'll be returning kicks more often. He's shown that ability in the playoffs and especially during the Super Bowl game. As a receiver, I'm not sure where he's at right now, but I'd like to see him at camp and preseason to see what he has. He seems like he can be an excellent route runner.

    Hynoski - love his ability and size. Guy is so huge and he is the man we should have at the FB position. Hand him the ball and he'll carry 5 men on his back for the 1st down. KEEPER.

    Jacquain - I love him, definitely saw flashes. I think he'll be a great linebacker, I believe he'll be starting next season and doing a good job at it.

    Prince - I think with a good offseason, Prince will line up with Webster. He loves it here obviously, kid has 1 ring already and he'll have more time to prepare for next season.