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To ALL of my fellow Gmen fans..

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  • To ALL of my fellow Gmen fans..

    I'm originally from California and at 43, I must say you all are class acts. I was just realizing in the greater sense, You give NY a great name. I hope that someday in the future I'd be able to meet some of you in person, preferably during another SB game.

    I'm glad I picked the NY giants 23 years ago as my team and have stuck by them. But I love NY in my heart and giant football

    Since I am retired due to my military disability, I have more than enough time now. so perhaps this is more likely to happen. Peace!!

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    Re: To ALL of my fellow Gmen fans..

    BritishBlue2 was talking about going to the home game against Dallas or Philly next year

    I'm in