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  • Hall of FLAME!!!

    Sorry about the trap - there is no flaming here. But there are so many HOF threads I figured I had to do something different to get folks to consider my question - which is this:

    Has there ever been a period in the NFL with so many active or recently retired QB's that stand a good chance of HOF induction? In the recent retirees we have Favre and Kurt Warner - are there any others? On the active side, we have the Manning brothers - Peyton and Eli - and then there is Brady who is already a shoo-in. Drew Brees is going to end his career with phenomenal stats and already has one ring along with a SB MVP. Ben R. has 2 rings and appeared in a third SB. Rodgers is young, racking up stats and also has already gathered a ring and a SB MVP. After that, we have a bunch of really talented QB's who (if they stay healthy) will compile huge stats and if there teams could get on a roll for a few years, might end up with enough hardware to put them in consideration - in that list I would include Rivers, Stafford, Schaub, Matt Ryan and maybe a few others. Don't go ballistic on these inclusions - I didn't say that list was likely, I said IF they stayed healthy and IF there teams could get it together and win some Super Bowls, then opinions on them might swing that way.

    It may be simply because of the way the league has opened up the passing game over the past few years, but I'm an old guy and I don't remember there ever being this many quarterbacks that I could legitimately see making the steps to get there. Has the league always had this type potential for so many quarterbacks to reach this level of achievement?

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    Re: Hall of FLAME!!!

    I hear they're already making cam newtons bust for canton as we speak

    And I would say it has because although the rules have helped open the passing game, these guys still need to be good enough to make the throws and win championships lol.

    would be funny to see an all QB hof induction one year lol
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