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Code of Conduct: A Breakdown

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  • Code of Conduct: A Breakdown

    Good morning/afternoon/evening...

    Judging by what has been happening lately with people basically posting whatever they want and wherever they want, it's a good time to remind everyone of what will and will not fly on these forums. Seems that people have chosen to ignore the Code of Conduct that they all agreed to when they signed up as members of this forum, so we'll bring it to you in an easy-to-understand format

    1. Do not use profanity here at any time in any forum. This includes trying to be clever and misspelling words or adding symbols in place of letters in order to get around the language filter. If you want a guaranteed account suspension or an outright lifetime ban, keep doing this.

    2. Do not use personal attacks at any time. There is not an ignore feature in this software, so if someone is giving you a hard time, report them to us, but please be the bigger person and do notturn it into a flame war with a 10 page thread. People come here to talk football, not to referee a playground fight. Also, TAGFIS NOT A SMACK FORUM! If you want to go to other teams' boards and start flame wars, that is your business. However, do not bring those flame wars into TAGF. There is a Rivals board for talking smack about other teams.

    3. Off topic subjects. This is a subject that has gone through the wringer as far as debating what is and what isn't Giants football discussion. If the subject is about a Giants game or a Giants player, it is considered Giants related. If a thread gets started about how the Eagles can't beat the Bears this week, it's not considered Giants related. Why? Because neither team has a NY logo on the side of their helmets and neither team is called the Giants. One of them is a division rival, but that still doesn't change the fact that they play in Philly and are called the Eagles. If we happen to be playing a particular team in a given week, you can discuss it in TAGF. Other than that, General Sports and/or Rival Central is the place for that type of discussion.

    4. Do not copy and paste full articles from ANY website into any of these forums. It is considered copyright infringement and is not permitted. If you want to paste a paragraph or 2 along with a direct link to a legitimate article, go for it.

    For a full copy of the Code of conduct, click the following link:

    Thank you