Sorry for the fat fingers! I meant PM!(personal message)
anyway here are some links but keep in mind that they may disappear by the time the season starts:
before you go to any of these sites, you should have a good firewall, a good virus checker and DEFINITELY an ADBLOCKER. (I use Adblocker Ultimate).
1. This is the most stable site as it is in Russia.
2. This is a good site too, although, it closed a few times because it was based in Spain that is under EU control. Came back and so far it has stayed up.
3. another good site that also sometimes has to change domains. keep their facebook page handy as they post their new sites there (
4. This has been around forever too but it has changed domains a few times also.

I use all of them to watch European Soccer (EPL, LaLiga, Champions League, etc) and NFL and NHL.

Since these boards are closing, i have been registered at Rosie's board ( with the same name, so you can find me there is you need more links.