I can't lie, I am melancholy about the demise of these boards.
I have a somewhat nuanced view of it though.
Should it be the Giants who sponsor a message board where blunt candor is the norm and pushing the bounds of civility is often challenged?
Sometimes, our owners get pounded here for doing this or that.
Should they be providing the service to do that or should they deploy their capital toward building their brand in a different manner? I think it is their call frankly.

When I was having the out of body experience about their treatment of Tom Coghlin, I had very strong feeling. I pounded JM for it but admit to feeling uneasy at doing it inside his website.

I expect we will largely morph to somewhere else and it will be OK but not like what we have here and what you have done so much to nurture. Thank you my friend!

So that we don't lose touch, do you still have my email and cell phone number?