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  • It can get much worse. Up until this point I believe the team was generally a believer in Mac. I see fragmentation in that belief. I don't believe this team feels Mac can put this team in the best positions possible and I think it can get real ugly. 0-4 start is likely, IMO, and could be 1-5 after ...
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  • Big difference between a clean pocket and dirty pocket. They can both provide a QB time, but one almost always will induce less accurate throwing, ill timed passes, etc. Dirty pockets tend to not have clear passing lanes where clean pockets do. Of course a highly mobile QB can improvise for weaker offensive...
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  • Though I am glad that he is playing so there are no excuses if and when we win, I think it's just further indication that the NFL doesn't really care about the well being of players or the image of their league. They are conceding to the money and just giving the public what they want, no matter the...
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  • Brandon's comment about Eli and Fitzpatrick...

    Did he really say “He has a long way to go to dethrone Ryan Fitzpatrick”. “He has a long way to go, so we’ll see.”

    If so, does anyone know the context in which it was said? did he mean that he hasn't experienced anyone better than Fitz in his personal in-season career, so he had to default...
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