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  • The problem is the Offensive Line. Just look at the horrible running game. Maybe now people will appreciate how Jennings was able to scratch out what he did. This guy Perkins couldn't run through a sheet of paper. And even the passes Eli was able to complete were like threading a needle. The receivers...
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  • People, please don't mention Macadoo or Reese without also mentioning Mara and Tish. We need to let them know who is ultimately responsible. Reese has not been a good GM and Macadoo is a terrible coach. Eli has two Super Bowl rings and Macadoo had a once in a lifetime Quarterback in Rogers. Rogers can...
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  • Look, we know how Reece is about admitting that he made a bad draft pick. If Mr Mara and Mr Tish don't put on their big boy pants and step in Flowers will be the starting LT for at least the next three years. Maybe it's too late to save this season(which is why I was smart enough to cancel my Sunday...
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  • AntB
    replied to Ben McAdoo
    The game was lost with the first drive in the second half when they didn't put in a fullback and a blocking tight end with the ball on the three. The head coach and management are living in an alternate reality where you don't need an offensive line. I don't care how many times Mcadoo changes his haircut...
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