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  1. ESPN 2017 Mock Draft Has Giants Picking 3rd.

    That's right.
  2. Paul Perkins May Be Steal Of Draft

    The guy can do it all.
    Super moves like a cat.
    If he had more size and strength, he might have been a first round pick.
    The Giants will make him stronger.
    I have my eye on this player.
  3. Still No Running Game Or Quality Linebackers

    No OL picks and we have the same RBs.
    We were bad in the running game last year and we will be bad again this year.
    We upgraded the LB unit with average players.
    What we had was below average. ...
  4. Thompson was burned many times on long routes,...

    Thompson was burned many times on long routes, some by yards.
    He gets fooled.
    He is a ball hawk and his INTs show that and he is daring.
    Can tackle.
    However, he has looked awful at times.
  5. Darian Thompson Was A Horrible Pick

    Thompson was a terrible pick.
    Probably a 5th rounder.
    He won't start.
    When the Seahawks won the Super Bowl, their entire defense (a great defense) was made up of players...
  6. We Could Have Had The Best O-Line In The NFL With Tunsil.

    Instead, Reese goes for a reach and a back-up CB for us.
    We fired the wrong guy.
  7. Breaking News ... Giants Letting JPP Test Free Agent Market

    The Giants have decided to let JPP walk.
  8. Cruz Says He Is Close To 100%

    Cruz says his injuries are fine and that he has no more pain.
    He is working to get his leg strength back and is exercising underwater and using a treadmill.
    We will see if that is enough for the...
  9. Phil Simms And Carl Banks Should Be On Super Bowl 50 Team.

    Phil Simms had the greatest game of any QB in Super Bowl history.
    That fact alone puts him on the team.
    Carl Banks DOMINATED Super Bowl XXI and had one the very best games of any LB in the game's...
  10. This Von Miller To Giants Talk Needs To Stop

    No way is Denver letting him go.
    Stop dreaming.
    He is not coming here.
    Even if he did somehow leave, the Giants will not spend what could be eighty million over time.
  11. Joe Philbin Is New OC. Spags To Stay.

    Joe Philbin is the new offensive coordinator.
    He was the Dolphins head coach, but he is a highly respected offensive coordinator.
    He worked with McAdoo before, so they know each other.
  12. There is always a bye week after a London game.

    There is always a bye week after a London game.
  13. Giants vs. Los Angeles Rams set for October 23, 2016

    A bye week on October 30th.
  14. Replies

    Linval Joseph Is PFF All-Pro DT

    Congrats to Linval Joseph.
    He is becoming the best DT in the NFL.
    The Vikings GM knows talent and how to get it.
    His name is not Jerry Reese.
  15. Think Of This Idea ... Bill Belichick

    Could he leave New England for the Giants?
    BB would love to coach the Giants.
    Not much of a chance, but worth a thought.
  16. Reese Will Get At Least Two More Years

    Jerry Reese has the perfect excuse now.
    If the new head coach has a losing season, it will be blamed on a rebuilding year.
    No one will be fired.
    If the second year produces another losing...
  17. When I Look At The Best Head Coaching Candidates Out There ...

    Tom Coughlin tops the list.
    Makes you think.
  18. Poll: I'm not giving up a second round pick for him. ...

    I'm not giving up a second round pick for him.
    That's what the Saints want.
  19. I changed the heading so that it is correct.

    I changed the heading so that it is correct.
  20. Tom Coughlin Is Out As Head Coach Of The New York Giants.

    A sad day.
    We saw it coming and it was time.
    However, Tom Coughlin deserves the utmost respect today for what he did for the organization.
    Few men bring honor and integrity to life and the game...
  21. Replies

    A Fitting End To 2015

    London here we come!
  22. Replies

    Report: Tom Coughlin To Retire After Game

    It looks like TC is stepping down according to this report.
  23. Changing Coaches Will Not Help

    No coach could possibly win with this team.
    There are holes everywhere and it may take years to fix it all.
    TC will not be around, but neither will the next coach if Reese is still in charge.
  24. A Loss To The Eagles Means ...

    A third place finish and soft schedule for 2016.
    A higher draft pick and a trip to London.
  25. OBJ Should Be Suspended For The Rest Of The Season

    His antics must not be tolerated.
    He is getting out of hand.
    His behavior was that of a 4 year old in the game.
    His 4 penalties also hurt the team.
    He needs to come down to earth and focus on...
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