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  1. Giant Headaches Could Be A thing Of The Past

    Now that Shady is " Shuffling off to Buffalo, " If the Cow Pies are stupid enough to let their RB strip the star off his helmet, they hand over the NFC East Crown to Big Blue.
  2. Sticky: Is CJ Spiller Like Low Hanging Fruit ?

    With what I have read, he'd have almost no leverage in negotiations ( Guaranteed Money ) and no where close to making the 3-mill plus yearly with the Bills. ( Due to injury history ) But a healthy...
  3. Sticky: Suh, " Not In A New York State Of Mind "

    IMHO Suh is playing the Lions and the league like a fiddle. 1st throw out a fantasy " I'd like to play in NY ". Theory being, the teams with money to burn would pay up to make him forget about the...
  4. Some FA's Hiding In Fear, Others Have Sugar Plums Break Dancing In Their Heads

    For some it's getting cut, out of the League, and Heaven Forbid, having to look for a real job. Then there's Suh, JPP, on the computer looking at Rolls Royce's, Tiffany Jewelry, Armani suites etc...
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    Franchise Tag Too Rich For Giants ?

    Is it true that if Big Blue has 25 Mill. in cap space, that 15 Mill. goes to JPP if they tag him ?
  6. We Are Spoiled, But In A Good Way

    One thing we do not have to beat our brains out, is trying to figure out who our starting QB is and who is our backup . We do not have to think can our rookie QB win games. Nor do we have to endure a...
  7. Firepower Now, Defense Afterwards

    Realistically Big Blue makes the playoffs but not necessarily the SB. If Cooper or White are available for our pick, I cannot think of any secondary containing our passing attack. I can imagine a...
  8. Green With Envy, Sour Grapes Abound as Simeon Rice Spout's Off

    Hey Simeon Rice, Does anyone have you on a national telecast morning show, or how about the most popular and most watched pregame show, during the football season ? How about a Subway commercial ?...
  9. The Quarterback Is Your Most Prized Possession

    EA once said ( And He had a lot of experience to back it up ) " You never know how hard it is to find a good QB, until you have to look for one. " Think of the Cleveland Browns. Doesn't it seem like...
  10. It'd Be Hard Not To Root For This Kid

    Home town unknown makes good, is always a great story.
  11. Has JR Finally Learned His Lesson With The Defensive Tackle Position ?

    Now to be clear he knows how to find them, it's keeping them that's been the problem. How many times do you have to see RBs ( Sometimes not even good ones ) Run through us like their butts are on...
  12. You're Either Getting Better Or Getting Worse

    Too many second stringers or starters willing to stay complacent with their abilities. JJ the guard is what he was said to be, and is. ( Good pass-protector below average run blocker ). When Brandon...
  13. Left Tackle Remains Priority With A Top 10 Pick

    The proposed "Godfather Of Sirius Radio " made a statement that seems to make a lot of sense. " If you are going to take a OT in the draft and you own one of the top 10 picks, if the player cannot...
  14. Well I sure deserved That

    Well when you have fingers the size of Twinkies, these things happen. I usually read before I hit the submit button. Of course I was really speaking of GM Jerry Reese. For those of you having some...
  15. Big Blue Will Be Out In Full Force, As Combine Draws Near

    The annual Meat Market in shorts is upon us (And not soon enough as far as I am concerned.) TC will take his usual spot sitting with his stop watch. JPP and all the GM's will try to read the tea...
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    The Legion Of Zoom

    OBJ said he was never able to kick it in to that 2nd gear. ( Now that's Frightening ) Suppose the Giants get a book-end with blazing speed, and can find a RB with that 2nd gear ?
  17. Cruz Will Land On The PUP List, And Be On Short Term IR.

    The man needs time to heal, get his strength back, and to regain full motion in the knee. The Giants can draft his successor.
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    Worse Thread But The Best Advice ...

    Worse Thread But The Best Advice

    Quote Originally Posted by B-Red22 View Post
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    Three Brutes Could Solidify The Entire OL

    The Giants already have the CFLer Jones (Center). If they acquire Orlando Franklin (T/G) from the Broncos, and they pick up Sherff (T/G) in the draft .The OL is stacked.
  20. Big Blue's history Is Not Letting The Player They Really Like Get To This Point

    If they really like a player they try to lock them up long term before FA. My point is since they didn't, I think a money War looms and the Giants will lose. ( That is if JPP wants Watt money,...
  21. Is Will Beatty The Future or A Cap Casualty ?

    19 Mill. over the next 2 years I believe. If the Giants cut him, who gets the nod at LT ?
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    Another words their is no variety in their game,...

    Another words their is no variety in their game, just the one pos. Sorry I don't read in code.
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    Sometimes If It Quacks like A Duck And Walks Like A Duck....

    Take Kareem Mckensie for example. Even though he played RT for the Jets, fans were wondering if he would be the LT. EA firmly said He was brought in here to play RT only. Some fans want SF's Mike...
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    The Giants Always Hunt For Variety

    They want their Safety's to play both Free and Strong. They like their LBers to play more than one pos. They like their DE's to play Inside and Outside. They want their Centers to also play Guard....
  25. I Can Only Imagine What Was Said In The Huddle

    Pisacarcik- coach just sent in Power Up 51


    Pisarcik- Coach just sent it in

    Czonka- I Don't care if Jimmy Carter sent it in, just kneel on the ball

    Pisarcik- What do I...
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