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  1. Value Will Rule The Day For Big Blue In Rd. 1

    Except for a top rated QB, RDE, or maybe CB, there is not another position that is more valuable than a LOT that will play at a high level for the next 10-12 years. These players are very hard to...
  2. Jumbo Would Be Proud

    Yes, draft him and put him in at RT for the 1st year. With Beatty, Pugh, Brown, and Schwartz ( If need be ) our starters and backup Tackles will be set. As much as we love Pugh, Lewan is an upgrade...
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    Desean Jackson ?

    I remember what George Young said when we signed O.J. Anderson. " A signing when you're trying to run for the roses ". He also said He got tired of our guys trying to stop him, so he decided to sign...
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    Didn't He Walk Away From Denver At 9 Mill. Per Year ?

    It might be a " Bridge Too Far " for JR
  5. We all know Big Blue loves those versatile...

    We all know Big Blue loves those versatile players ( 2-fers ) . Maybe the Giants have their eyes on the Browns center. We know Baas played guard at SF. One player in FA locks up 2 positions ?
  6. No one is talking about Incognito ( But some are thinking it )

    As JR would say, nothing is off the table. This is not a bad risk. Just a risk.. If you can get a player who was " Run out of town on a rail " ( And rightfully so ). And can play at a high level,...
  7. The " Big Uglies " Take Priority

    We have won 2 Super Bowls with average LBers and very good Offensive Linemen. What we need is another Suebert and Kareem Mc.
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    JR will put his " Bigs Theory " into OL action

    When teams ran through our D like a purse snatcher in 2012, Jerry Reese said " You need the Bigs to win in this league ." And what was once a weakness is now a strength. I believe the Giants GM will...
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    The Wellington Way

    After a horrific season was over at 4-12, Well Mara leaned over and said to Ernie Accorsi " We've got to put a better product on the field than this ". ( Message Recieved ). In both the draft and FA...
  10. Eli has shattered every passing statistic Big...

    Eli has shattered every passing statistic Big Blue Owns.
  11. Peyton Is A Technician and a Perfectionist.

    Eli is a " Gun Slinger and a River Boat Gambler " And to me that's the most exciting aspect of Eli's game. And the most satisfying when He is on the attack.
  12. Thread: prime time

    by BlueBlitzer

    Last Night's Game Should Have Been Flexed

    The 0-8 Succoneers versus the 4-4 Mrs Pauls Fish Sticks.
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    What are we waiting for ? 0-5 ? 0-6 ?

    What are we waiting for ? 0-5 ? 0-6 ?
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    Next Man Up No Longer An Issue

    We have got to insert new players into the mix. Veterans need to be seated on the pine. The coaches have coached, yelled, cajoled, begged, built up, covered their rear ends for bad play, but the Dice...
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    My Christmas Tree Was Still Up, Last Time We Won A Game

    Right now October looms before us, and the " Headless Horseman " is getting ready to ride. Going into work tonight, I'm going to feel like Ichabod Crane in the midst of several Headless Horseman....
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    From M*A*S*H To Smash

    With the HYnocerous back and a healthy D-line, Big Blue will be ready to Rock and Roll this year. When players are allowed to practice fully with the team, the medical clearance to play in the game...
  17. The " Snoopy Bowl " Results, Will Carve Out The 53 Roster

    For one thing, the starters who are not injured but play lousey can't blame it on rust. Rookies can show flashes in camp and can make the squad. Veterans who have 2 or more years in the NFL (While...
  18. Speed Kills. If Williams is fully healthy, His...

    Speed Kills. If Williams is fully healthy, His ability to cover TEs, RBs, and Blitz the QB may be just to good to keep on the bench.
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    PF Bringin Out The " Heavy Jumbo "

    Jenkins at DE, with Rodgers and Big Hank clogging up the middle ? ( RBs Yumm Yumm Eat' Em Up )
  20. Appreciate The Heads Up RF

    Thanks RF, right after I posted it, I thought it may have seemed to be advertising the site.
  21. Does Everyone Know About The Web Site ?

    A friend of mine had told me about it. It seems to have everything about your favorite team.
  22. I Fully Trust Big Blue's Coaches And Brass

    My only thinking is, that because of the constraints brought on by the new CBA rules ( Only one 3 hour practice in pads, no more 2 -a - days, and one walk through a day ) That the pads would have...
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    Chance Of A Lifetime " Up In Smoke "

    Now that the Pot thesis is over, lets talk about the real problem here. We all had our fun back in the day. But when it was time to start a life, every newspaper job ad was titled DFWP, DFWP. WILL (...
  24. Contact Football ?...Ho-Hum, Still Waiting

    With the new CBA, the off season has become exactly that. From the last ticks of the SB until the 4th day of summer training camp, there are no pads put on, and hitting during practice is strictly...
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    Ballard To The Rescue ?

    He passed His physical and was taken off the PUP list. If BB hadn't of Scooped up Jake when He did, The TE's coach of the Patsies would really be screwed right now.
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