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  1. Re: Carton just told Brees he would of dropped a 50 burger on us

    Could've, Would've, Should've!

    We're the ones with the Super Bowl and the Lombardi trophy, baby!

    Let's Go Giants!
  2. I'm happy for Jake, just made 550k to sit out the season

    Although I wanted to keep him around, it's good to at least see him getting paid. However, I'm sure he is equally as pissed about not coming back here.
  3. On paper this might be the best defense we've ever had

    Think about it, we have probowl level talent at almost every position on our defense and probably the deepest CB depth in the league.

    Except for maybe the 86 defense and that is mainly just...
  4. Could the surface of our indoor practice field be a cause for all these injuries?

    It's seems like the past few years we have always been hit with injuries early in the preseason. Most experts will say "that's just football" but you have to wonder why we seem to get injured more...
  5. Is our offense now on the same level as the Packers / Saints?

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    Rumor: Dolphins offer 2nd and 4th for Osi?

    If this is true, we should jump all over this trade!

    Rumor: Dolphins offer 2nd and 4th for Osi?
    kelsto811 : 2:16 pm...
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    Re: More behind Rivers trade

    Actually, if anything this seems to raise a red flag about Rivers. Why not have the surgery as soon as possible?

    Seems like he was trying to go on the pup, instead of get back on the field as...
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    Why not try Adrien Robinson at DE too?

    I wonder if the coaches have thought about it? If he has JPP's measure-ables, why not give it a shot?
  9. Our special teams just got a huge boost !!

    With Wilson and Hosley, we not only improved our offense tremendously, we now have improved our return game by 10X !

    Not only does our Offense become more dangerous but we finally have a return...
  10. This might be the most talented roster we have ever had

    Seriously, we have talent and depth...can't wait for this season
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    What about Cody Pearcy?

    Did he get drafted? UFA?
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    Starting to really dislike Tamp***

    After they took our QB coach, then tried to take Kevin Gilbride, Jr and finally tried to "sneak" in front of us Martin.

    Seems like they are trying to build their team just like ours. Funny how I...
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    RotoWorld on David Wilson

    A two-sport (track) star for the Hokies, Wilson was the 2011 ACC Player of the Year after rushing for a school-record 1,709 yards. Though his...
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    Re: hmmm osi for a third?

    No way we trade him for less than a 2nd
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    As far as the blocking .. All the clips he was blocking he did NOT do a good job. Maybe only slightly better than Beckum IMO.
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    Doesn't matter we were never going to draft him
  17. Why do premier free agents even sign with the eagles?

    Don't they know the eagles will just try to trade them as soon as they owe them any real money?
  18. Re: My top 3 projected picks for us at 32 (If available)

  19. Re: Except for Nicks the 2009 draft was a disaster, what happened?

    I think to give you better perspective look at the guys drafted very close to our picks
  20. Except for Nicks the 2009 draft was a disaster, what happened?

    It seems like we really missed in that draft. In alot of the rounds we seem to not pick the BPA, letting talent get drafted right in front of us. It's disappointing too, considering we hand an extra...
  21. Has Webster become the 2nd best CB in the NFL?

    Webster doesn't get enough credit. Behind only Reevis, I think Webster might be one of the games truly Elite CBs right now.
  22. My top 3 projected picks for us at 32 (If available)

    1. Stephen Hill - adds a dimension as a 3rd WR that gives us an even more potent offense. Can really stretch the field, good measurables and is a great blocker. There is no way we pass on him if he...
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    Fletcher Cox would be a beast on our Dline!

    and anyone teams Dline for that matter. However put him next to JPP / Tuck / Kiwi and watch out!

    If there were one person to move up for, it would probably be him.
  24. If Osi were to be traded what team would have the most interest?

    I'm going to say Carolina. They were interested in him last year, so they seem like a good target. What team do you think ?
  25. Re: Cool story about a TE the Giants were interested in

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