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  1. Re: Question. Do anyone still collect football trading cards?

    Hakeem Nicks draft day press pass auto and JPP prestige rookie auto numbered to 250
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    Re: DEC. 21 2012

    except no one would be around to care.....
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    Re: Vince Wilfork vs David Baas

    Baas did not play in the Patriots game
  4. Re: NY Giants New Song Idea? Check it out!

    Lol thats a good one ;) But i still like my idea
  5. NY Giants New Song Idea? Check it out!

    On the song "Rack City" by Tyga, wouldn't it be cool if someone was able to do a remix for Nicks by doing "Hak City?" Just an idea :)
  6. Re: Stop telling me what each team has done in the regular season!!

    couldn't have said it better. look at the giants playoff history- 2011 lost to GB in the regular season and beat them, had worse record than ATL and beat them. In 2007, lost to Cowboys, GB and NE all...
  7. Re: Looking for the picture of Eli over the cheesehead in the discount double check comm.
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