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    Jomo does have a point. Teams do change a bit...

    Jomo does have a point. Teams do change a bit year over year but how much? I'll look at the data to see if I can gauge how much they do change.

    Also the analysis was done with a complex power...
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    2013 NFC East Strength of Schedule

    I took the power rankings as of the end of the year and bounced it against the 2013 schedule.

    Looking at the NFC East a few things jump out.
    (Numbers represent the difficulty of the...
  3. Anybody want to give feedback on my new NFL stats site?

    First post. Giants fan since 1989 (would have been sooner but I was oblivious at that age to sports and other things).

    I built the site to help me predict game scores. It was easier for me to...
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