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    Why are the Giants not playing Ryan Nassib, but...

    Why are the Giants not playing Ryan Nassib, but playing Curtis Pointer? Terrible thinking
  2. Re: Thank who you & Give Congrats. TY NY Giants for SB 46!!!

    An awesome Team that came together and provided us with unforgettable playoff memores. Thank you G-Men!
  3. Re: I am all black and blue just from watching that game.

    What a tough guy! Deserves my vote for MVP in the NFL. Going to be a hell of a Super Bowl. Bring on the Patriots! Woo!
  4. Thread: My Giants Draft

    by arudz

    Re: My Giants Draft

    Excellent and thorough job of picking all the rounds. The LB I would love to see the Giants get is V.Burflict from Arizona State. He has tremendous athletic ability. If they do not land him, the...
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