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    Re: Cowboys fan encounter #7,129,776, 006!!!!

    This is very entertaining!!!
  2. Re: Brandon Jacobs Slams Bully Ray Through a Table

    He made all of them look small LOL. I thought he looked like a natural in there, and he looked very intimidating.
  3. Re: NFL's New Thursday Schedule - ALL TEAMS Play on Thursday!

    I'm lucky. I have a local cable company that carries the NFL Network and Redzone included in the basic cable package.
  4. Re: Denied registration at 49ers forums, arrogant west coast jerks...

    Shoot, as a Niner fan I was rejected multiple times at that forum. As Harbaugh would say "What's their deal?"Yeah "whats the deal" with Harbs lame "whos got it better than us" slogan?
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    Re: Refs = corrupt as I've ever seen

    These refs are disgusting. I hope we start faking injuries to stick it to the refs and the NFL. **** them.</P>

    I don't want us to fake injuries... I want us to win to stick it to them. Fact of...
  6. It's been said lately that defense doesn't win championships anymore...

    I've heard some people lately saying that defense does not win championships anymore. Look what the 49ers are doing to the Saints right now. I think our defense is playingevery bit as good as the...
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    Re: Lets hear it.

    Enjoy the bottom of the NFC East with the Redskins... at least for the time being...
  8. Re: Giants MB Bragging Rights: Week 14 Pick em, Week 13 results

    Oh this looks fun!</P>

    Oakland Raiders vs. San Diego Chargers: We will all get a win for this game
    Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Chicago Bears: Bears
    Cleveland Browns vs. Tennessee Titans: Titans...
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