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  1. Pacman Jones just said on ESPN that meeting Eli was the highlight of going to the Pro Bowl for him

    Wonder if he is trying to get a deal done with GMEN.
  2. Imagine the scenario that we let Eli walk and sign Rivers

    .....not gonna happen but I would pay to see the reaction of fans if it did.
  3. bad bad
  4. How about Randall Cobb in the slot next season?

    He's a free agent. Likely not to happen due to $$ but, but the health of Cruz is a big unknown for next season and the rest of his career for that matter. I wouldn't mind the Giants reaching an...
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    Kevin Gilbride

    He's a great offensive mind and his offense produces great numbers but it is seriously flawed (red zone/short yardage especially). We are too pass happy and Eli is too streaky in order for our...
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    I think today proved that he should have been using Wilson more

    since the bye week and he looks like an idiot for not doing so.
  7. Eli is the guy who has to step it up this season not the wr's

    He's gonna have to adjust to throwing to smaller targets and starting hitting guys in a position that they can get some rac yardage. The guys we have more than enough speed and ability to get open...
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