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    Man my boy Hankins

    He is quietly playing solid.
  2. Hey get over it and move on ahahahah as i was...

    Hey get over it and move on ahahahah as i was told.
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    fine !

    fine !
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    Our Offense seems to be a little dry

    I expect Odell to take the top off this week, With all the prima donna stuff watch out.

    Maybe thats what this kid needs wake up call.

    I expect him on sunday nite to explode (hoping)

  5. I love these types of players too.

    I love these types of players too.
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    easily could be 3-1 or 4-0

    Game management....

    I keep reading TC is really coaching the giants.. TC get that offense going and make the right calls on the field and milk the clock sometimes.
    This is football 101....

  7. Sadly thou this is the only game this year where...

    Sadly thou this is the only game this year where I really liked how they were playing all game. Lets hope they keep it up
  8. Special teams Kudos to Reese for putting together a solid group

    I love the coverage and tackling. FINALLY been waiting for this for years.
    I like Harris back there fielding punts but I am not a big fan of Randle..... he makes me nervous for some reason.

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    Big props to Jennings

    Block punt and crazy Stiff arm TD.

    very instrumental in the 2 wins.
  10. Defense just seemed very crisp vs Buffalo

    It was like something was in the air. The tackling and wrapping up and the hitting. THats what I want to see.

    They were physcial and nasty. uwa and Wynn containing runs perfectly and all that...
  11. Bills oline held for dear life on almost every play

    Hankins gets robbed every week. Yes our pass rush isnt great but it doesnt help refs would not look at holding on bills oline
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    Game management ! yet again

    As much as I am happy we won, our offense seemed to want to give this game away.

    up 14 points at buffalo 10 yard line area, Why on earth are we so pass happy ?? when a FG would have easily iced...
  13. Yeah seriously. Man when I was playing football...

    Yeah seriously. Man when I was playing football and if we were losing I can assure I wanted to crush ppl.
    It all started with Kick offs or the first play. Just go over and gang tackle and send a...
  14. Dont you all get the feeling giants just lack punch ?

    Seriously, It doesnt take a lot to get these guys down.
    Even with guys like JPP and Rolle etc. who we had

    We just arent a very tough physical team that plays with an Edge.

    Tell me 1 fiery guy...
  15. Thread: Love Mcadoo

    by sheepdip

    Love Mcadoo

    But that was his worst game so far as a giant in my opinion. Still like him thou
  16. Bottom line - Good teams find ways to win- Bad teams find a way to loose

    Its that simple.

    lets get ready for Falcons who we should beat at home.
  17. Eli put the ball in the hands for the most part

    Preston 2 or 3 right threw his hands, 1 being a chance to continue drive and get points.

    Donell - 1 or 2

    I think 1 more as well.

    Yes he had a couple of sailing throws but for the most...
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    Odell - get use to this.

    What did you think every team is going to let you embarrass them ? Madden Jinx ? sophomore ? teams better prepared, no time to throw the ball deep.
    Very pedestrian outing.

    I had my doubts about...
  19. Heck dallas was picked by many to be a SB contender- positive thread

    And we should have easily won. That vaunted O line didnt run over us, in fact if we had a healthy JPP we probably get to Romo and we pretty much stopped there running game.

    They only got us on...
  20. It was my birthday yesterday and knew they were...

    It was my birthday yesterday and knew they were going to loose.
  21. If the guy is held even on the opposite of the...

    If the guy is held even on the opposite of the field of where the ball is thrown , isnt it still D holding. Doesnt this happen every week
  22. BTW the last pass that was incomplete - Shouldnt there be defensive holding on the play

    Reason eli threw it away was the dallas guy was drapped all over Fells ?

    Which is the right thing to do, even thou no one likes that call.
  23. Forgot cant throw from the 1 yard line either.

    Forgot cant throw from the 1 yard line either.
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    Typical Bad referee unit

    Is there any game you watch where u come out of the game thinking the refs did a good job.

    DRC play was just bad for football and viewers. How many times did cowboys snap the ball with 0 sec ??...
  25. Lost by time management + squib kick ? and poor coaching

    Forget about the horrible incomplete pass to stop the clock. Why with 10 point lead is eli calling plays with more then 10 secs left on play clock. I understand we went no huddle so they couldn't...
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